Our Services

In Home Connectivity

Design, Realize, Operate, Maintain and Optimize your Home Network to guarantee the best performance with the minimum investment


Network Performance Assessment, In-door Coverage and Optimise Performance for Enterprises

Network Planning & Optimisation

Combining the best products of the market and our skilled resources, we can guarantee the best Design and Optimized integration of nodes in the Network, and the best performance for our customers and end user



  • Multi technology Networks – Hetnet’s
  • New OTT services -> Capacity, Connectivity for (V)MNO’s
  • Data needs versus Voice Services
  • Complexity of in-Home Solutions for final users
  • Guarantee Connectivity in In-door environments


  • Same processes and tools making difficult the integration of new Technologies
  • Data throughput and Latency optimisation: 4G, VoLTE, .. 5G
  • Customised services with the final user to maximise the usage of the different devices in-home
  • Assessment, Benchmarking and ad-hoc Designs for indoors environment

Our Approach

Creating and selecting carefully our portfolio of products and suppliers to be able to deliver ad-hoc solutions for our customers and needs. Together with a team of specialised technicians and engineers learning new technologies and best processes in the Telco industry.

  • Design
  • Site-Surveys
  • Performance Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Advice
  • Integration