Netwerk Planning & Optimalisatie

  • Multi technology Networks – HetNet’s
  • Verkeers groei van circa 50%, voornamelijk in DATA, maar omzet alleen bij 2%. optimaliseren van CAPEX en OPEX
  • Nieuwe services eisen hogere doorvoer en wachttijd.

Efficiënt integreren en beheren van HetNet’s is cruciaal voor het designen en optimaliseren van het netwerk.

New Technologies, 4G, 5G, VoLTE en Small Cells, worden relevanter

Onze Betrokkenheid

Support the MNO’s and Vendors to Design, Optimise and Integrate Nodes and clusters in their Networks to optimise the Investment and maximize the Customer Experience

Onze Aanpak

Working close to MNO's and Vendors to adapt our solutions and products to their Design, Optimisation and Integration needs. With the emphasis in the Final Customer Satisfaction and efficiency in the Operations.

  • Design
  • Site-Surveys
  • Performance Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Advice
  • Integration

Onze Diensten

In Home Solutions

Managed Service Models for Service Providers Consumer

Technical Support 1st and 2nd Line

Remote Services and Problem Solutions

Planning & Logistics

Process Automation

Product Integration & Optimisation


Connectivity as a Service:

-Data Connection/Internet




Digital Transformation:

-Hosted Voice

-Cloud Storage

-Workspace in The Cloud

IT Alert > Analyse & Control IT User

Smart Buildings

System Integration: Building, Office, IT


Cloud Management & Analytics




-Access & Presence Control

-Gas, Flood and Fire Detection


Energy Efficiency:

-Lighting Control 

-Climate Control

-Energy Consumption Control