In-Home Environment

Traditional Telco Market focus
  • "Access side" of the Public Network
  • Services/ Products- side” of the “Internet of Things- world” (everything is possible when you’re connected!)
The key to success is an optimized In-HOME environment In-Home Networks are critical in connecting the world of Internet to the end- users.

Our Commitment

Design, Realize, Operate, Maintain and Optimize their Home Networks to guarantee the best performance with the minimum investment

Our Approach

Preparing a reliable and Secure Internet Connection among all their devices in their entire home at all times at the best price

  • Design
  • Site-Surveys
  • Performance Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Advice
  • Integration

Our Services

In Home Solutions

Managed Service Models for Service Providers Consumer

Technical Support 1st and 2nd Line

Remote Services and Problem Solutions

Planning & Logistics

Process Automation

Product Integration & Optimisation


Connectivity as a Service:

-Data Connection/Internet




Digital Transformation:

-Hosted Voice

-Cloud Storage

-Workspace in The Cloud

IT Alert > Analyse & Control IT User

Smart Buildings

System Integration: Building, Office, IT


Cloud Management & Analytics




-Access & Presence Control

-Gas, Flood and Fire Detection


Energy Efficiency:

-Lighting Control 

-Climate Control

-Energy Consumption Control