Smart Home


Most of the traffic is originated from indoor environments.

Planning, Integrate and Support the right solution for the final user is critical for the (V)MNO's and Enterprise Stakeholders

Identifying the Wireless Network and Connectivity needs and the right Solutions in a Working/Business Environment is key to maximize the efficiency and the usability of the resources.

Our Commitment

Design, Integrate and Support the most efficient solutions for different environments, determining the right combination of elements to maximise the investment

Our Approach

Working close to our Enterprise Customer to advise and identify the perfect wireless solution for their business.

  • Design
  • Site-Surveys
  • Performance Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Advice
  • Integration

Our Services

In Home Solutions

Managed Service Models for Service Providers Consumer

Technical Support 1st and 2nd Line

Remote Services and Problem Solutions

Planning & Logistics

Process Automation

Product Integration & Optimisation


Connectivity as a Service:

-Data Connection/Internet




Digital Transformation:

-Hosted Voice

-Cloud Storage

-Workspace in The Cloud

IT Alert > Analyse & Control IT User

Smart Buildings

System Integration: Building, Office, IT


Cloud Management & Analytics




-Access & Presence Control

-Gas, Flood and Fire Detection


Energy Efficiency:

-Lighting Control 

-Climate Control

-Energy Consumption Control