Most of the traffic is originated from indoor environments.

Planning, Integrate and Support the right solution for the final user is critical for the (V)MNO’s and Enterprise Stakeholders

Identifying the Wireless Network and Connectivity needs and the right Solutions in a Working/Business Environment is key to maximize the efficiency and the usability of the resources.

Our Commitment

Design, Integrate and Support the most efficient solutions for different environments, determining the right combination of elements to maximise the investment

Our Approach

Working close to our Enterprise Customer to advise and identify the perfect wireless solution for their business.

  • Design
  • Site-Surveys
  • Performance Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • Advice
  • Integration

Our Services

In Home Connectivity

Design, Realize, Operate, Maintain and Optimize your Home Network to guarantee the best performance with the minimum investment


Network Performance Assessment, In-door Coverage and Optimise Performance for Enterprises

Network Planning & Optimisation

Combining the best products of the market and our skilled resources, we can guarantee the best Design and Optimized integration of nodes in the Network, and the best performance for our customers and end user